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Startups and SMEs

Are you an Ontario-based or international startup, small-to-medium sized business with fewer than 500 employees (SME) or entrepreneur with technologies for smart mobility, municipalities, and electric vehicles? Contact Durham RTDS or apply for one of our Challenges to find out more about how you can work with us.

Working with Durham RTDS provides you with invaluable access to:

Our Main Focus

Durham RTDS welcomes Startups and SMEs with technology and innovation

Transit and vehicle electrification. Safe and accessible transportation. Smart and Connected mobility and infrastructure

Working With Us

Industry and Partners

If you are an established business, municipality, government or member of Eastern Ontario’s business community, Durham RTDS connects you to cutting-edge technologies and innovations that will advance accessible and sustainable mobility from transit and municipal operations to the automotive sector. Contact us to partner with Durham RTDS today.

Working with Durham RTDS provides you with invaluable access to:

Our Expertise

Our Partners

Durham RTDS has strong ties with industry and community partners who provide high-impact support to startups and SMEs developing technologies and innovations that advance smart mobility and communities. Learn more about Durham RTDS’ partners.

Click here for the full list of our industry and additional partners.


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Durham RTDS is at the forefront of Durham Region’s Automotive and Transportation Technology Ecosystem. We accelerate technology and innovation in the automotive and smart mobility sectors and steer startups and SMEs in the right direction. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.  

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If you are a startup or SME with tech and innovation in electric and autonomous vehicles, smart transportation and mobility and connected infrastructure, you need Durham RTDS to accelerate your success.

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