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Technology cannot improve communities on its own. It requires forward-thinking municipalities willing to trust, adopt, and learn from these new technologies to enhance the lives of their people. Tech adoption isn’t a ‘huge leap’ but rather a bridge connecting the communities of today with all they can become tomorrow — and the Durham RTDS is in the driver’s seat.

With deep knowledge of electrification systems and energy management solutions, …

eCAMION works in partnership with Durham RTDS PUC to establish high-power multi-mode mobility charging capability to support en-route transit charging and vehicle charging.

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Advanced Charging Platform

Siemens Canada accelerates the development of EV, powertrain solutions and …

more by offering Durham RTDS participants a complete array of solutions from Product Lifecycle Management, Simulation and Data Management solutions for EV systems/simulation. Dubbed Simcenter, this solution answers critical design questions on the vehicle, engine, transmission, and thermal integration as well as for electric subsystems from battery sizing to electric machine design.

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Advanced Simulation / Synthetic Environment

Synergy Lab is an expert provider of holistic market entry services and 

specialized programming for international companies and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in Canada and provides a gateway for local entrepreneurs to expand into global markets.

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Incubation And Coml Platform

Fortran Traffic Systems/Flux Mobility blends smart lights, a smart intersection/V2X …

simulation stack, and connected cars and robots to advance SmartTransit/Community Systems. Bringing their smart light infrastructure and simulation stack to Durham Region, Fortran Traffic Systems/Flux Mobility brings vital equipment, software, engineering and support staff to support demonstration projects in Durham Region.

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Smart Intersection Simulation & Sandbox

LocoMobi World Inc. is a Smart City technology company specializing in…

parking, tolling, transit, logistics, access and threat management solutions. By utilizing its cloud to integrate data, IoT, AI, computer vision and more, LocoMobi World Inc. customizes an infinite number of possibilities tailored to your specific Smart City needs.

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Municipal Smart Traffic / Transit 'Data Lake'

Leaders in the fields of automation, electrification, autonomous vehicles …

and machine learning, Flodraulics works with Durham RTDS to improve and align municipal equipment with emissions reduction targets and emerging electric vehicle technologies. In working with Durham RTDS, Flodraulics offers SMEs its intelligent hardware and software integrations and expertise to aid in the commercialization of technologies for an electrified vehicle or chassis manufacturing and specialty manufacturing to develop fit-for-purpose zero-emissions vehicles.

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Purpose-built Vehicle Electrification

Inovex delivers state-of-the-art and skillfully engineered …

cloud, web, mobile and IoT solutions to accelerate the modernization, integration and optimization of operations. Working with Durham RTDS, Inovex provides a centralized data platform for SMEs who require access to municipal data to develop connected V2X technologies.

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Municipal Smart Traffic / Transit 'Data Lake'

Utilizing micro-transit software, Hop In Technologies is a …

software logistics company that addresses gaps in public transportation and commuting to support the workforce and outreach to underserved populations. Working with Durham RTDS, Hop In Technologies offers SMEs integration opportunities with their platform to create a seamless user experience in arranging transportation.

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Smart Transit / Mobility

 In partnership with Synkar Autonomous, Kevares Autonomous Services …

provides robotics software for the operation of autonomous robots. Working with Durham RTDS, Kevares supports SMEs with opportunities to overcome hurdles related to testing robots within indoor and outdoor public spaces with a Durham-based “autonomous mobile robot sandbox for public space testing” which includes robots placed at participating Durham Region venues as well as robotic operations software support.

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Robotic Sandbox

Developed in collaboration with Kevares Autonomous Services, …

Synkar Autonomous is an autonomous mobile robot manufacturer and through Durham RTDS offers opportunities to overcome hurdles related to testing robots within indoor and outdoor public spaces with SD02 robots placed at participating Durham Region venues.

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Robotic Sandbox

Community Partners

The City of Oshawa is one of the fastest-growing. …

communities in Canada. With proximity to major markets, world-class research facilities, 500 acres of developable land, and a talent pipeline spanning 25,000 post-secondary students, the City of Oshawa is a beacon for new businesses, project collaborations and testing in the space of connected and autonomous vehicles, robotics and smart communities/infrastructure.

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In partnership with the Region of Durham, the Town of Whitby …

launched the nationally and internationally recognized Whitby Autonomous Vehicle Electric Shuttle Project (WAVE) and from this achievement continues to provide opportunities to demonstrate projects for electrification, smart mobility, transit technologies and smart cities/infrastructure.

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Owned and backed by the City of Oshawa, Oshawa PUC is …

a utility company that manages and operates substations, energy grids, lampposts, transformers and other assets. Oshawa PUC works with Durham RTDS to offer SMEs extensive technical experience and act as a live lab for exploring disruptive technologies with its municipal infrastructure.

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Previously known as Ontario Good Roads Association, …

Good Roads advances infrastructure and transportation interests through training, advocacy and services and collaborates with Durham RTDs to provide startups and SMEs developing technologies that support EV adoption with extensive expertise in municipal roadway design, and construction and maintenance as well as connections to Ontario municipalities.

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A non-regulated energy services business, Elexicon Group offers energy …

management and procurement consulting services, combined heat and power solutions and specialty metering. In addition to this, Elexicon has EV charging solutions that can supplement emergency power capabilities and other charging requirements to keep equipment working as long as needed and provides Durham RTDS with valuable advice and guidance on-grid and electricity distribution challenges as they relate to electric, connected and automated vehicle adoption.

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Working in partnership with Kevares, Durham College and Queen’s University, …

Enerforge demonstrates highly innovative asset/autonomous inspections and station-to-grid autonomous assessment solutions to reduce outage times, reduce costs and boost predictive electrification grid maintenance practices.

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Partnering with Flux Mobility, Enerforge and Kevares Autonomous Services, …

Durham Broadband facilitates the testing of Smart Intersections with fibre connectivity and WiMAX hotspot, to demonstrate how citizens in urban centres can benefit from increased connectivity and leverage blazing-fast connectivity for Smart Traffic systems, helping smart buses, cars and robots to demonstrate edge processing offloading, made possible by the strategic feed and hot spotting of black fibre connection into the traffic systems.

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Established at one of the top Universities in Canada, Queen’s University, …

Ingenuity Labs (IL) is an interdisciplinary initiative focused on combining Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Human-Machine Interaction to create future intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life including Smart Environments And Infrastructure, Human Sensing And Assistive Devices And Intelligent Mobile Systems.

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