Safe and Accessible Transportation Challenge

Challenge Updates

Parsons Corporation, in partnership with AutoGuardian By SmartCone, was awarded the challenge.

Challenge Closed


Are you an innovator or business with technologies that can make our roads safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists?

The Region of Durham, one of the consortium partners of the Durham RTDS, is launching an exciting challenge for innovators and businesses with technology-based products that facilitate “Safe and Accessible Transportation.”

Successful challenge participants will have the opportunity to pilot solutions at high-risk Regional intersections.



The Region of Durham challenges innovators and the business community to make our intersections safer with technology that increases driver awareness of pedestrians and cyclists.


The Challenge Benefits

The successful challenge applicant will work in collaboration with The Region of Durham to test and evaluate the selected technology for its ability to increase driver awareness of pedestrians and cyclists and improve the safety of signalized intersections.

This Collaboration Includes:

In addition to existing data, the Region of Durham is equipped with infrastructure that could be made available as required to successful challenge participants to support the pilot of the proposed solution. This infrastructure may include:

Info Session

Are You Up For The Challenge?

The deadline was August 15, 2022 EST

Apply for the Safe and Accessible Transportation Challenge by downloading and submitting the PDF application below before August 15th